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You have either been directed to or stumbled upon the answer to the one question that confounds us all…more on that later ūüôā

For now allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kris Peters and I am ‘Psychologically Unemployable‘. ¬†And my secret (or not so secret) agenda is to inflict the same ailment on you…(bad guy laugh) ¬†hahahahahhahaha (choke…coughing…embarrassment).

Okay…seriously I am a former member of the “gainfully employed”, who through the blessing of adversity and the reignition of the entrepreneurial fire once dormant have arrived here at this point and time ready to share what I’ve learned,

You don’t need a job…you need an income!

My not so profound mantra punch me in the chest as I was laid off from my job many moons ago and discovered to my chagrin that having well over 10 years of experience in a specific discipline no longer makes up for lack of a degree.  My job search yield commission sales and ground floor opportunities that would reward me with a 15K Р25K pay cut.

I yelled a big, “KISS MY GRITS.” to the world of employment and committed my efforts to creating my own income, starting my own businesses and¬†helping as many who would listen to do the same.

You have likely arrived here, specifically here on this page, because you are ready to get started…started on a journey that can change the rest of your life. ¬†I am so happy that you chose me to take that journey with you and without further adu, in the immortal words of the Black Eyed Peas and MC Hammer, “Let’s Get It Started!” ¬†For more on the origins of the No Commute Lifestyle check out¬†the About Us page.

Let’s map out the shortest path between you and your first $1 online, but first allow me to make a few things clear.

  1. The No Commute Lifestyle is less about quitting your job or getting rich and more about having the freedom to make choices which direct your income, schedule and how and where you make an income.
  2. This is not a get rich quick scheme; if anything it is a get rich quicker than you would by being an employee plan of action.
  3. There is work involved, much of which will take place during the uncomfortable early and late hours before and after your job.
  4. You must be ready and willing to sacrifice comfort, time and in many cases money to make your dream of creating multiple streams of income a reality.
  5. ¬†My commitment to you is to provide you with the information you need to help you break free of an employee mindset, open your mind to the literally 1000’s of opportunities there are for you to create multiple streams of income without a job and give you tips and tricks on how to take action in creating the income necessary for you to quit your job or as I like to say ‘fire your boss‘!

Now that that’s out of the way here my recommended trajectory for someone getting started online today.

First put in place the basic components needed to start making money online (This is covered in full below).  Then learn and implement the following money making strategies in the order listed below:

  1. Affiliate Marketing –¬†Promoting Other Peoples Products (OPP) “You Down with OPP…???
  2. List Building –¬†Creating a list of people with at least their email address and permission to email them at a later date. ¬†Common thought is that you can earn $1 per every subscriber to your email lists. ¬†How quickly do you want to get to 100 subscribers…1000 subscribers?
  3. Email Marketing –¬†By strategically emailing your list valuable content, targeted/applicable affiliate offers and stoking the fires of heated conversation around a topic of passion you will essentially be able to make a lot of money from a small list. ¬†Adding value and segmenting your list is the name of the game here.
  4. Blogging –¬†This is a main stay, but not as easy to make profitable as it once was. ¬†A blog is like a physical location in the offline world, a place to visit, get what you need and leave. ¬†The trick is to give your visitors a reason to stay. ¬†Great content, relevant offers and clean modern look goes a long way in building rapore with your audience, staying relevant and providing a hub where¬†your tribe can always find you. ¬†On the flip side there are 6 and 7 figure bloggers all over the place, most of which include the previous and especially the following…INFOPRODUCTS.
  5. Infoproducts¬†– Usually digital, but physical work too, infoproducts are probably the easiest products to create yourself. However, there is a wonderful little shortcut called purchasing “rights” to a product. ¬†Unlike affiliate marketing, you can purchase the rights to sell products which have already been made in the following ways:
    • Resell Rights (RR) – The right to resell OPP’s unchanged and keep 100% of the products. In some cases you can also purchase Master Resell Rights (MRR), which also allows you to sell the RR so that your customers can resell the product as well.
    • Private Label¬†Rights (PLR) – The right to not only sell the product as is but to change it as you see fit. ¬†You can add your name or logo to it, add or subtract content and a variety of other changes.
    • White Label Rights – White Label Rights are very similar to PLR except they are usually created with a blank slate and you just fill in the blanks, i.e. white label. ¬†PLR usually comes in an as is state and you can choose how much to change or not.
    • With all of the above there is usually included a notation on the sales page and/or a document which outlines what you can or can’t do with the product. ¬†Pay close attention to that.
  6. Sales Funnels РThis is the process by which you convert traffic to the first webpage that introduces your product, service or idea into customers.
  7. Membership Site РThese sites create an opportunity to establish a recurring passive income by establishing an exclusive place that one has to be a member in order to access.  By building a membership site you create not just a hub of products or information but also a community of fellow believers of whatever niche you happen to be in.  It also allows you to help people on a larger scale and in a short period of time.
  8. Offline¬†–¬†Take everything you’ve learned above and offer it to local business owners as a service.
  9. Consulting/Coaching¬†–¬†Guide other business using all that you’ve learned above, especially your experience utilizing¬†online marketing tactics into the businesses you’ve helped grow.
  10. Public Speaking¬†–¬†Teach and Connect:¬†On-stage, Networking Events, One on One, Webinars, Recorded Videos, etc.
  11. Outsourcing¬†–¬†Hire managers and assistants to pass on the day to day activities, allowing you to work on your business but not always in your business. ¬†This provides exponential growth, but is not relative to how much staff you have. ¬†One Virtual Assistant (VA) can 3x your business the first month. ¬†This is a crucial next level approach if you truly want to attain the No Commute Lifestyle.

Now in order to make this work you have to get really good four things first.  Here they are, again in order of priority of mastery:

  1. Copywriting – The most essential thing you will ever do in business, online or off, is learn how to write¬†targeted and persuasive copy. ¬†It’s how you take the next level of mastery…well to the next level.
  2. Traffic Generation – Getting tons of traffic is easy, especially if you’re willing to pay for it, but sending targeted traffic (i.e. website visitors interested in a particular product/topic) to a relevant¬†offer can be tough; but still not that hard. ¬†However you must get really good at finding these traffic sources and being able to tap into them when you need them, that’s the hard part. ¬†However good copywriting in your ads, emails, banners, etc.¬†will catapult your results.
  3. Conversions – The next wrung in the ladder of online business skills mastery is converting a visitor into a customer. ¬†This is complicated because most visitors won’t convert the first time they see an offer, so again good copywriting and well planned conversion campaigns incorporating squeeze pages, freebies, great content and smooth workflow make all the difference.
  4. Follow up РOf the utmost importance is your ability to follow up with everyone who provides you with their contact info, whether through a purchase or just signing up to receive something free.  You can do this through email, text messaging, push notifications, ad retargeting and a number of other ways, which when done right, can all be hands off through systems and automation.

Okay…let’s take a quick breather and recap. ¬†I know what you’re thinking, ‘Dang, this seems like a lot and I am even more confused as to where to start!‘ ¬†Well I just wanted to give you the 30,000 ft. view. ¬†Keep in mind you can pick and choose from any of the above listed money making strategies; you could literally start public speaking tomorrow and making money at it if that’s a skill already in your repertoire. However, the skills¬†you need to master for overarching success and growth are non negotiable. ¬†You either need to learn these skills, and doing so as you go is perfectly okay, or you need to hire someone to do it. ¬†Just to be clear, none of this is etched in stone, I simply want to let you know of all that’s available to you.

Next we’ll get into the weeds a little bit and I’ll give you the first 8¬†steps you can take to get started today.

First of all, if you want to build respectability and trust in your business you have to have your own website. ¬†Your domain name, or web address, is the digital equivalent of¬†a physical address for offline business. ¬†Imagine if you went to visit a lawyer and his office was in the back of a nail salon. ¬†Well…that would be kinda weird huh? ¬†(Shout out to “Better Call Sal”)

So let’s get started off right and cheap, I’m talking about lunch money cheap.

Here are your now, not later, action steps:

  1. Buy a Domain Name – Go to to get started. ¬†On your way, google: “ coupon codes” to get the cheapest price on your domain name. ¬†At the time I am writing this¬†you can get a code for 1 domain for $.99. ¬†Either way you’re going to also want to include the privacy¬†add on to make sure that your contact information is shared. ¬†Just to clarify, by law, your domain broker has to relinquish your contact information by request, however when you purchase the privacy add on Go Daddy, and pretty much all domain sellers, stand as your representative and offer their information in place of yours.As for choosing a domain, try to choose something that fits your product or service and your brand. ¬†Visit some of your favorite websites outside of the larger brands and see how they tie their domain name into their brand. If all else fails just go with your name; avoid getting hung up on this step.
  2. Purchase Website¬†Hosting – ¬†If your domain name is your website’s future address then hosting is the land it is built on. ¬†I recommend iPage hosting, they’re awesome and only $1.99 a month to get started.
  3. Install Your Website РKeeping with our earlier analogy, its time to build your house.  No worries, with iPage hosting there are just a few clicks to get started.  You will be installing WordPress (the framework) for your website (house) and then installing a WordPress theme (the walls and decorative elements) to change your websites appearance.
  4. Get an Auto Responder – You’re going to need a way to send out emails to your subscribers. ¬†I recommend Get Response. ¬†It’s one of the major players so they have an established reputation. ¬†They also don’t shun affiliate marketing (some autoresponder email providers do), have a landing page creator (a webpage to capture email addresses) and some cool automation features. ¬†Get your 30 day free trial today. ¬†It’s just $15 per month there after.
  5. (Optional) Get a Webpage Builder –¬†For the most part you don’t need this since you have a simple landing page builder with Get Response and if you decide you want to try another autoresponder they all have some type of form builder you can use to collect emails. ¬†However as you get more advanced and begin creating bonus pages for your affiliate program, membership sites and other advanced strategies then you may need something a little more sophisticated. ¬†When that time arrives I would recommend a WordPress Plugin called Xtreme Builder which allows you to create and host the pages on your website or a web-based software called ClickFunnels. ¬†Also Xtreme Builder is a one time payment and ClickFunnels¬†is monthly and has a ton of other features and has 14 day trial. ¬†Click on the links to find out more.
  6. Sign up for JVZoo and Clickbank¬†Affiliate Programs – These are two of the most popular digital product affiliate programs. ¬†I would start with these as they are easy to join and carry a wide array of products from how to start a business to how to overcome diabetes. ¬†commissions usually range from about %40 to even as high as %100 (with the right sales funnel, you can still make lots of money paying 100%). ¬†Likewise, they are both great places to sell your own products and recruit affiliates WHEN you’re ready.You’ll also be happy to know that¬†most companies with a web presence have some sort of affiliate or referral program. ¬†Try’s affiliate program (Amazon Associates). You can recommend anything on their site for a seemingly small 4% – 8% commission, however since sells everything from $ $3,000 (4% = $120) 4K Digital Camcorder¬†or $90,000 Rolex’s (4% = $3,600), that 4% is nothing to sneeze at.
  7. Claim Your Free Membership to the¬†NCL Online Business Training Site –¬†¬†Here’s where you’ll get the marketing tips, tricks and strategies to help you skyrocket your business, regardless of what money making method you decide to use. ¬†The blog is where you’ll get overview, do’s and don’ts and other practical information, but the private membership site is where the fun happens.Inside you’ll find:
    • Over 30 Video Courses containing 125 Videos and More Being Added Everyday.
    • There are 4 categories: How to Videos, Online Business Development and Training, Money Making Strategies and Traffic Strategies
    • Members Only Facebook¬†Mastermind – A hub for us to share ideas, wins, loses and everything else in order to uplift, edify and motivate one another!
    • Member Only Discounts
    • Resell Rights products for you to sell as your own
    • And Much Much More!

      Click Here to Claim Your Free Membership!

  8. (Optional) Finally, how would you like to have your website built for you, complete with content, affiliate programs, autoresponder emails already setup in your Get Response account and ready to go? ¬†Well that’s just what you’ll get with the Plug in Profits Site.Confession: This site was built for me by the Plug In Profits Team. ¬†Now I’ve made a huge amount of modifications and additions over the years, but essentially this is still the same website that was setup for me almost 3 years ago.To get more information¬†just click on the¬†banner below to find out more.

Thank you for sticking with me.  I hope you found this helpful!  If so please leave me a video message by clicking here or by commenting below.  And as a special reward for making it this far and sense it is my belief that affiliate marketing is the quickest way to get started click on the banner below to get your free Affiliate Marketing 101 Training Guide.  Just to a way to say congratulations on taking action and to show you that I am committed to your success.  No Optin Necessary!




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